The following awards will be presented at the IE 2024 Conference:

  • Best Full Paper Award
  • Best Short Paper Award
  • Beatrice WORSLEY award for the best quality paper with a female co-author
  • Best Presentation Awards for a Full Paper Presentation
    • by a female presenter
    • by a male presenter
  • Award for the most influential paper in the last 5 years
  • Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper award
  • Best Demos & Video award

This twin presentation award has been set up to encourage equal visibility of female and male researchers. The awards will be allocated to the whole co-authors of the presented paper. The attribution will be decided by a jury of people of equally balanced gender. The Beatrice Worsley Prize to the Best Female Researcher is to encourage female innovators in this field.

Best Full Paper Award will be accompanied by a certificate and a free 12-month online subscription to JAISE provided by our sponsor IOS Press.

Best Short Paper Award will be accompanied by a certificate and a book from AISE series.

Each remaining award will be accompanied by a certificate and a free 3-month online subscription to JAISE provided by our sponsor IOS Press.

More prizes are being considered and could be announced at a later date.

Past Editions Winner

  • 2023
    • IE23′ Beatrice WORSLEY Award to the Best Full Paper: “Week-long Multimodal Data Acquisition of Occupational Risk Factors in Public Administration Workers” by Eduarda Oliosi, Phillip Probst, João Rodrigues, Luís Silva, Daniel Zagalo, Cátia Cepeda and Hugo Gamboa
    • IE23′ Best short paper award: “Multi-Person Tracking Method Robust to Dynamic Viewport Changes for AR apps” by Naoya Takahashi, Tatsuya Amano and Hirozumi Yamaguchi
    • IE23′ Most Influential paper in the last 5 years: “Privacy Challenges for Process Mining in Human-Centered Industrial Environments” by Felix Mannhardt, Sobah Abbas Petersen and Manuel Fradinho Oliveira
    • IE23′ Best Presentation award for a female presenter: Ana Londral (Industrial Forum)
    • IE23′ Best Presentation award for a male presenter: Andrés Muñoz
  • 2022
    • IE22′ Beatrice WORSLEY Award to the Best Full Paper: “A machine learning-based approach for smart agriculture via stacking-based ensemble learning and feature selection methods” by Emna Ben-Abdallah, Khouloud Boukadi and Rima Grati.
    • IE22′ Best short paper award:  “An Optical Soil Sensor for NPK Nutrient Detection in Smart Cities” by Wei Fan, Kevin Kam, Haokai Zhao, Patricia Culligan and Ioannis Kymissis
    • IE22′ Best Demos & Video award: “PowerJoular and JoularJX: Multi-Platform Software Power Monitoring Tools” by Adel Noureddine.
    • IE22′ Best Presentation award by a female presenter: “Driver-Side and Traffic-Based Evaluation Model for On-street Parking Solutions” by Qianyu Ou, Wenjun Zheng, Zhan Shi and Ruizhi Liao
    • IE22′ Best Presentation award by a male presenter: “Evaluation of time-series libraries for temperature prediction in smart greenhouses” by Santiago Ruiz, Juan Morales-García, José M Cecilia, Carlos Calafate, Juan-Carlos Cano and Pietro Manzoni.
  • 2021
    • IE’21 Best Full Paper: “GRETA: Pervasive and AR interfaces for Controlling Intelligent Greenhouses” by Iraklis Bekiaris, Asterios Leonidis, Maria Korozi, Christos Stratakis Emmanouil Zidianakis, Maria Doxastaki and Constantine Stephanidis.
    • IE22′ Best short paper award: “Experimenting a Healthy Ageing Community in Immersive Virtual Reality Environment: The Case of World’s Longest-lived Populations” by Peyman Najafi, Masi Mohammadi, Pascale M. Le Blanc and Pieter Van Wesemael.
    • IE’21 Beatrice WORSLEY Award for the best female researcher: Masi Mohammadi, Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • 2020
    • IE’20 Best Full Paper: “Towards an automatic recommendation system to well-being for elderly based on augmented reality” by Luis Ronquillo, Víctor Zamudio, David Gutiérrez-Hernández, Javier Navarro, Faiyaz Doctor and Carlos Lino.
    • IE’20 Best Short Paper: “Estimation of User’s Orientation via Wearable UWB” by Chiara Bonsignori, Fabio Condomitti, Marco Del Gamba, Federico Garzelli, Leonardo Lossi, Francesco Mione, Alessandro Noferi and Alessio Vecchio.
  • 2019
    • IE’19 Best Full Paper: “Remote Detection of Indoor Human Proximity using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons” by Michele Girolami, Fabio Mavilia, Paolo Barsocchi, Filippo Palumbo and Stefano Chessa
    • IE’19 Best Short Paper: “Holistic Blockchain Approach to Trust, Privacy and Security in IoT based Ambient Assisted Living” by Akpanakak Henry Mkpa, Jeannette Chin and Andrain Winckles
  • 2018
    • IE’18 Best Full Paper: “Mining Local Process Models with Constraints Efficiently: Applications to the Analysis of Smart Home Data” by Niek Tax, Natalia Sidorova, Reinder Haakma and Wil M. P. van der Aalst.
    • IE’18 Best Short Paper: “Implementation and Evaluation of Peripheral Light Feedback for Mid-Air Gesture Interaction in the Car” by Florian Roider and Konstantin Raab.
    • IE’18 Best Presentation: “Implementation and Evaluation of Peripheral Light Feedback for Mid-Air Gesture Interaction in the Car” offered to Florian Roider.
    • IE’18 Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper: “Anomaly Detection in Elderly Daily Behavior” by Parvaneh Parvin, Fabio Paterno and Stefano Chessa.
    • IE’18 Best Reviewer: Miguel J. Hornos
  • 2016
    • IE’16 Best Full Paper: “Evaluating future automation work in process plants with an experience-driven science fiction prototype” by T. Kymäläinen, E. Kaasinen, M. Aikala, H. Paunonen, J. Ruotsalainen, L. Hakulinen, T. Heimonen, and P. Mannonen.
    • IE’16 Best Short Paper: “Money Handling Training: Applications for Persons with Downs Syndrome” by S. Rus and A. Braun.
    • IE’16 Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper: “Activity Recognition from Video Data using Spatial and Temporal Features” by M. Al-Wattar, R. Khusainov, D. Azzi, and J. Chiverton.
    • IE’16 Best Demo/Video Paper: “Human Gaze and Focusof- Attention in Dual Reality Human-Robot Collaboration” by M.M. Moniri, F.A. Espinosa Valcarcel, D. Merkel, and D. Sonntag.

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